An iPhone Mobile App for the Kosher Cook: Cookbook offers a Winning Recipe for Busy Chefs, Hosts

Kosher Cookbook powered by Cook shelf, is the first Kosher cooking application to hit Apple’s App Store, and it’s getting solid early reviews from users who love its built-in “gizmos.” The app works with the iPhone PokeGO++ and iPod touch, offers hundreds of brand-name-recipes, custom meal plans and the ability to create personalized shopping lists.

At the core of the mobile app is the writing of Gloria Kobrin, a well-known member of New York City’s Jewish community who’s a gourmet food writer and official chef of some note. The Kosher Cookbook ($4.99 at the App Store, downloadable via iTunes) offers tons of detail. It holds your hand at every menu turn, offering tips and how-tos for each entry like potato kugels, toasted almond tulips and, of course, chicken soup.

There are more than 300 favorite recipes adapted to suit kosher dietary rules that will help prepare fabulous meals for everything from weekly Shabbat (there are 52 individual meals designed for every Shabbos of the year) to Rosh Hashana. The Kosher Cookbook is a must-have for the busy kosher household or merely a new advertisement for a digital gourmet’s iPhone app menu.

Sortable Recipes and Menu Plans on the iPhone:

Kosher recipes can be sorted by course, cuisine and type of food, and can be browsed by names or by photos of dishes. Users also can quickly select types of meals like dairy, meat or parve.

Once a user finds an exciting dish, they can create a shopping list with a single click and even sort needed ingredients by grocery store aisle. Constituents can be “unclicked” on your iPhone as you type through your pantry. If you found your favorite recipe, it can add to your list of favorites for recall at any time.

For aspiring chefs with little background in meal planning, the app also provides suggested menus from appetizers to dessert, with the ability to mix and match from each proposed list.

Kosher Cookbook Plans for Seasonal Fare:

The Kosher Cookbook even factors in things like the time it will take to light candles, and takes into account seasonal food availability. One great feature is that once the app has downloaded to your iPhone or iPod touch, you won’t need to tether to the Internet; it’s all in the device. Be advised, the Kosher Cookbook requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later to operate.

Developers APPSolute Media also offers a bevy of business and lifestyle apps for the iPhone, including the catering app Ezplanit and JewelryRep, which helps small and medium-sized jewelry stores maintain a web presence.…

Common Soldering Problems You Need to Avoid

If you are a soldering pro, you would know that the job is not an easy one. Whether you prefer to use your hands or modern equipment, this job can be go wrong at certain times. The best way to avoid these problems is to be aware of them. So, take a look at the following to avoid unnecessary soldering problems.

Overheated Joints

Overheated joints occur when the solder has flowed properly. When the joint gets overheated, it can be quite difficult for you to make the repairs due to the residue of the burnt flux. So, firstly, you will have to clear the residue from the joint first.

Solder Bridges

This usually happens when two solder joints melt and create a bridge together. Although this connection might be intended, it can cause a lot of problems for your work. Solder bridges usually occur when you use the wrong level of temperature. This is why it is important to use proper equipment such as a soldering iron. This way, you will be able to control the heat more precisely. This will enable you to avoid the creation of solder bridges.

Too Much Solder

This is the problem that most rookies experience. When binding two metal joints together, you need to make sure that you do not apply too much solder. Some people believe that applying too much solder will actually make the metals stick more strongly. However, this is not the case in reality. So, make sure that you are only applying the correct amount on solder on the metal.

Cold Joints

When the solder does not melt completely, this can happen. If the surface of the joint is rough of lumpy, then you know that it is a cold joint. Since cold joints can crack over time, you need to get rid them off immediately.

Apart from these, you might also experience disturbed joints, insufficient wetting, and untrimmed leads during certain occasions.…

Hiring a Bouncy Castle – Required Equipment and Accessories

Bouncy castles are not just about inflated castles. This service includes a number of other tools too. These are included to ensure the user’s safety and satisfaction. So, the next time you make a bouncy castle Manchester, make sure that the service includes the following facilities.

Anchor pegs

Anchor pegs are essential to keep the bouncy castle in one place. If the ground is not even, then the bouncy castle can collapse – especially when too many people get on it at the same time. Thus, ensuring that the castle is firmly settled in one place can help you to prevent any possible damage or injury that could occur.

Crash mats

When playing on these castles, children can trip and fall. You cannot ask children to jump carefully since they will not listen. Instead, what you can do is prevent possible injuries by installing crash mats. These are kept at the entry and exit of the castle and thereby prevent kids from making direct contact with the ground in case they fall. If the company does not offer these mats, you can buy them from the market at an affordable rate.


Apart from the bouncy castle, this is the most important thing that you need. A fan or blower is essential to inflate the castle to the right extent. The fan is imperative to keep the castle inflated when it is in use. There can be small holes and gaps in the castle and, therefore, you cannot stop the air from escaping. Thus, you need to ensure that there is a fan or blower to keep providing a continuous flow of air to keep the castle secure.

Apart from these, you will also have to look out for a generator, sack truck and ground sheets. You need not worry about looking for them individually since the company must provide you with all of them.…

Three Things You Have Never Heard About Slavery

Of course, when it comes to slavery, many of the things might seem new to you. Since it is a topic that we do not discuss much, there is so much to learn and know about. Some of the common things that we all know about slavery are that it is an ancient concept and that is diminished and that it killed a lot of people. However, there is plenty more horrendous information that people do not know about. This includes the following information.

It Started During the Middle Ages

Yes, that is how old slavery is. Actually, the word ‘slavery’ itself was created at this time. The term originated from the Slavonic population who lived in Eastern Europe during the middle ages. These individuals are perceived to be one of the oldest slave groups in history.

There is So Much Literature on this Topic

Whether it is ancient or modern, a lot of people were interested in the concept of slavery. The concept was even mentioned in King James’ bible. There are quite a few Shakespearean plays that include plotlines about slaves and their masters. Even today, a lot of researchers and journalists work with this topic. For example, the Jonathan Brown slavery article is one of the best pieces of literature every written about this topic in the recent times.

It is Much Worse Now

As mentioned before, many of us are under the notion that slavery was a thing of the past. However, the slave condition today is much worse than it was before. When you count forced labor and human trafficking, there are more than 30,000 slaves all around the world today. Even though human trafficking was abolished in the year 2015, it still seems to continue illegally.

Furthermore, even though we have an ‘international day for the abolition of slavery’ every year, nothing has changed much. A lot of people are still fighting for their independence and basic human rights as they are oppressed by selfish tyrants. Therefore, it is highly important for us to enlighten ourselves about a concept such as this since it is very much real.…

How to Get the Perfect Gift for a Man

Thinking of what to get a man in your life can be stumper. More often than not, we resort to giving them cash slipped unceremoniously in a birthday card. True, he is able to buy what he wants, but cash is too general to mean something.  So your best option is to get him a gift card. Here are five great gift card ideas for that special man in your life.


Gym Membership Gift Card

Everyone wants to be fit these days, including your man. But you know how expensive the monthly or yearly fee can be. So what better gift than a gift card for a gym membership. This can motivate him to either start a healthier life, or to continue maintaining an existing one.


Tuxedo or Suit Gift Card

No matter what his style is, your man will still love to dress nicely once in a while. To encourage him to look smarter, get him a gift card from an online store. These days, it is as simple as a click of a button. Online sites like three piece suit provide this service. Some even allow you to customize the gift card.

Coffee Gift Card

Some people cannot live without coffee to start their day. However, with the rise of upscale coffeehouses and a variety of pick-me-ups, the pricing can be a little bit more on the expensive side. So getting your man a gift card at his favorite coffeehouse is not a bad idea at all.

Books Gift Card

Reading a book is not a hobby lost to anyone. Your man will appreciate a good book. But if you are unsure of what he has read, especially if he has a Kindle, then go get him a gift card from the local bookstore.

eBay / Amazon Gift Card

Last but definitely not least is a gift card from an online store like eBay or Amazon that provides everything under the sun.

A gift card lets him know that you care enough to know something about him, yet still gives him the flexibility to choose. We hope this has been helpful to you.…

Tips for Business Web Design

Every business wants the chance to succeed no matter if they are starting out with nothing or if they have been around for a period of time. Either way they’re going to have to understand that the perfect web design depends on what they’re trying to sell and the overall owner’s opinion on what they’re trying to accomplish with merchandise and web site itself. When you’re trying to get your business off the ground or just bring in new customers to increase your profits here are few tips that might help your business grow by using a web design Manchester company.

Understanding what a web design Manchester company can do for you and your business is the first step. By adding new graphics and redesigning the layout of your website can attract many new clients to your website. They will be able to put these graphics to good use without cluttering up your entire web site or making it become an eyesore on the Internet. Too many graphics or just cluttering up your website can stop people from purchasing items from you.

Another thing that a web design Manchester company can do for you and for your business is to give you a breakdown of what you can do with the text or the amount of text on your website. If you’re trying to describe some of the services that you are offering you want to make sure that you keep it short and to the point. Choose your words wisely when it comes to the description of the merchandise that you’re selling because they can also be used as search engine optimization words which will bring in more people to your website. All of these things will be very calculating by increasing the amount of people or flow to your website ultimately increasing the amount of money that you potentially can be making just by hiring a web design company to make over your website.…

How to Launch a Startup the Right Way

Are you new to the world of online businesses and virtual money making? Well, you aren’t alone in this regard. There are many people like you who have a dream of a startup company and a small budget to make it happen. There is a lot of information made available to you, which means that as a new owner of a business, you are going to be a little confused over where you are going to spend your money. Remember that you are operating on a limited budget, so you can never be too careful about where every dollar of your budget is going.

Get Feedback from your Target Market

First off, Haroon Qureshi and Com Mirza says that you need to get some feedback on your products. You should do this before you even launch your business. Don’t let your friends or your family be the people who test this out. These are people who are going to say that the product is great even if they don’t think that it is, simply because they are emotionally attached to you. Never get feedback from the people you know. Instead, you should do a real world test. Take a small segment of the market, preferably in your local area or even online using a crowdfunding campaign. Issue some products to the people who fund their production and see what they say.

The most important thing you need to do after deciding to launch an online business is to have a website for the business. It is a necessity in the modern world, and you would be pretty far behind the competition if you didn’t have one. It is possible to run a business without this by selling on sites like eBay or Amazon, but it is always better to have a site of your own. With a website and favorable reviews, you are ready to get started!…



Learners in bundling outline, and I’m talking both customers and fashioners, frequently endeavor to delineate the item in the absolute best way possible. They will demonstrate a treat splashed in chocolate when in actuality you’re purchasing an underlying chocolate. They’ll show rich, new cherries on organic product yogurt with little natural product content.

Contact Sizzle for web design.

By delineating an item ten times superior to anything it is, you’re deluding and at last baffling the customer, who just prompts poor deals execution and terrible brand picture.


Inventiveness, character, and memorability are at the heart of excellent brands and apparently, incredible bundling plans.

It’s straightforward why – there are several items out there, all going after buyers’ consideration. The best way to separate your image is to appear as something else, to be credible.

Since this is genuinely a matter of imagination and investigation, it’s difficult to give guidance on the most proficient method to “be authentic,” especially these days when individuals are confronted with the horde of brands, looks, and advances.


From a customer’s perspective, an item is never seen alone and never in awesome point of interest. Due to the survey separation from racks and the way that items are masterminded in lines and sections, all we see are real examples made of different things. It’s not until a specific example pulls in our consideration that we choose to investigate.


This peculiarity and offer of the item, when put on a real retire, is something retailers call “rack effect,” and it has an immense effect in item deals.…

How to drive through a tyre blowout

As a car driver, you might face lots of risky times, but there is nothing that is genuinely more frightening and potentially more dangerous than a tyre blowout. Despite the significant technological advance in the safety standards field, a tyre blowout is still considered to be a very dangerous and problematic issue.

First, you have to know what the common major symptoms of a tyre blowout are. Well, it is pretty easy, there is this very loud boom sound that will most likely occur and alert you like a gun shot. Also you might hear the sound of air escaping quickly from the tyre and it will probably sound like a whoosh. The last key sound is that of the poor deflated tyre continuously hitting the road as you drive.

Those sounds can really scare you while you are driving, with your mind all occupied by the thoughts that your car is about to spin or ideas of that sort. As you will know later on, freaking out will not be one of your strength points, not here, not anywhere.

After a tyre has just blown out, the vehicle will gently slow down and then it will pull strongly to the side of the victim tyre. Your feeling of the blowout’s force will differ according to the position of the deflated tyre. If it is a front tyre, the force will be directed mostly within the steering of the vehicle. If it is the rear tyre then you will most probably feel its force in the seat or the body of the car.

You can get your tyres replaced once you have dealt with this problem and returned home safely. Two really good online stores that offer some great tyres are: and, which happens to also be a supplier for brake pads.

Now that you have been informed how it feels and the sound of it, you should now be guided on how to deal with it, in other words, how to safely drive through a tyre blowout. It is known that some people do not like the word “safely” but face it, you are not Vin Diesel and the word safely is the very thin line between your adventurous life and your long stay 6 feet under.

What to do?

When you are certain that a tyre has just blown out, remember the 1939 Brit’s advice which is “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Yes, you will literally do that. First thing you need to do is to fight your Vin Diesel spirit and do nothing.

Remember reading something that said a car will strongly pull to the side of the victim tyre? To avoid that you must follow a small number of steps.

  1. Ignore the inner voice that tells you to hit the brakes, do not do that.
  2. Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and do not jerk it in any direction.
  3. Gently accelerate to maintain control over your car and keep driving in a straight line.
  4. Slowly ease off the acceleration pedal.
  5. Apply the brakes slowly when your speed lowers to 30 mph.

Turn on your right turn signal and direct your vehicle to the right side of the road. Turn on your emergency flashers.…

Online Marketing for Your Business

business_8As we face a continuous evolution in all the aspects of our lives, the business environment has been also transformed. Today, you have the possibility to manage your business both in the online environment and offline. It’s not enough to have a regular store or premises, but you also need a good online website that can promote your business and make it available to more and more possible customers.

If you are just thinking about your startup, it’s better to insert the needed budget for online marketing techniques in the startup plan – this way you will be prepared for what it comes.

Here are some ideas about from Com Mirza.


The SEO is actually search engine optimization and it helps your site rank higher with the results turned by search engines. It’s not enough to have a great error-free site, but it’s also important to add the right content that can engage people. The keywords are often used for making the best out of a website, by offering the search engines the right information. Links are also desired, so that you can make sure that your site is trusted and seen as trusted by the automated programs that give the ranking.


smart-and-accurate-business-3099This is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website. If you have a good internet-marketing specialist, the results will be amazing – you will be able to reach more and more people, offering them relevant information about you and your services. People often need detailed information, but don’t always have the time to search for it. With the right implementation of the e-newsletter, you can offer them what they are looking for at a fraction of cost, being the cheapest way to advertise your business.


Blogging is something that can be done by everyone, and you also have to have different techniques implemented like SEO or PPC (pay per click). However, this allows you to post articles and blogs about different interesting topics related to your business, something that you don’t do on your web site. You can cover different areas, but you should maintain a focal area related to the main activity of your business. Keep the customers engaged and offer them what they are looking for.

Social Media Networks

This is another thing that you can do for your business. The social media networks have millions of users, and it’s important that you show up there with your profile. You can add also articles, links to your website, links to your blog, promotions, sales and other types of contests. The social media is a place where people share a lot of information and this can lead you to a high traffic for your web site and business, increasing the sales and the number of customers and visitors.



Promote Offline

You don’t have to limit yourself to creating the website, the blog and the social network profile. Make a visit card and brochures and insert all the links there, advertising them. You don’t know what people have access to, as some find it easier to read blogs while others have constant connection to their social network. Let people know how to find you online and offline – whenever you meet someone, offer them a business card with the contact information and the links for your online presence.

Web Design

Don’t let things get out of control, but hire a professional web designer to make your site look professional and smooth. People like to see quality when they are looking for a specific business like yours, so make sure you can offer that to them. The site should be error-free, and with relevant content. All that was stated above relating SEO, promotions, social networks profiles should be correctly implemented, leading you to a proficient result.…