An iPhone Mobile App for the Kosher Cook: Cookbook offers a Winning Recipe for Busy Chefs, Hosts

By | January 8, 2018

Kosher Cookbook powered by Cook shelf, is the first Kosher cooking application to hit Apple’s App Store, and it’s getting solid early reviews from users who love its built-in “gizmos.” The app works with the iPhone PokeGO++ and iPod touch, offers hundreds of brand-name-recipes, custom meal plans and the ability to create personalized shopping lists.

At the core of the mobile app is the writing of Gloria Kobrin, a well-known member of New York City’s Jewish community who’s a gourmet food writer and official chef of some note. The Kosher Cookbook ($4.99 at the App Store, downloadable via iTunes) offers tons of detail. It holds your hand at every menu turn, offering tips and how-tos for each entry like potato kugels, toasted almond tulips and, of course, chicken soup.

There are more than 300 favorite recipes adapted to suit kosher dietary rules that will help prepare fabulous meals for everything from weekly Shabbat (there are 52 individual meals designed for every Shabbos of the year) to Rosh Hashana. The Kosher Cookbook is a must-have for the busy kosher household or merely a new advertisement for a digital gourmet’s iPhone app menu.

Sortable Recipes and Menu Plans on the iPhone:

Kosher recipes can be sorted by course, cuisine and type of food, and can be browsed by names or by photos of dishes. Users also can quickly select types of meals like dairy, meat or parve.

Once a user finds an exciting dish, they can create a shopping list with a single click and even sort needed ingredients by grocery store aisle. Constituents can be “unclicked” on your iPhone as you type through your pantry. If you found your favorite recipe, it can add to your list of favorites for recall at any time.

For aspiring chefs with little background in meal planning, the app also provides suggested menus from appetizers to dessert, with the ability to mix and match from each proposed list.

Kosher Cookbook Plans for Seasonal Fare:

The Kosher Cookbook even factors in things like the time it will take to light candles, and takes into account seasonal food availability. One great feature is that once the app has downloaded to your iPhone or iPod touch, you won’t need to tether to the Internet; it’s all in the device. Be advised, the Kosher Cookbook requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later to operate.

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