How to Get the Perfect Gift for a Man

By | April 6, 2017

Thinking of what to get a man in your life can be stumper. More often than not, we resort to giving them cash slipped unceremoniously in a birthday card. True, he is able to buy what he wants, but cash is too general to mean something.  So your best option is to get him a gift card. Here are five great gift card ideas for that special man in your life.


Gym Membership Gift Card

Everyone wants to be fit these days, including your man. But you know how expensive the monthly or yearly fee can be. So what better gift than a gift card for a gym membership. This can motivate him to either start a healthier life, or to continue maintaining an existing one.


Tuxedo or Suit Gift Card

No matter what his style is, your man will still love to dress nicely once in a while. To encourage him to look smarter, get him a gift card from an online store. These days, it is as simple as a click of a button. Online sites like three piece suit provide this service. Some even allow you to customize the gift card.

Coffee Gift Card

Some people cannot live without coffee to start their day. However, with the rise of upscale coffeehouses and a variety of pick-me-ups, the pricing can be a little bit more on the expensive side. So getting your man a gift card at his favorite coffeehouse is not a bad idea at all.

Books Gift Card

Reading a book is not a hobby lost to anyone. Your man will appreciate a good book. But if you are unsure of what he has read, especially if he has a Kindle, then go get him a gift card from the local bookstore.

eBay / Amazon Gift Card

Last but definitely not least is a gift card from an online store like eBay or Amazon that provides everything under the sun.

A gift card lets him know that you care enough to know something about him, yet still gives him the flexibility to choose. We hope this has been helpful to you.