Three Things You Have Never Heard About Slavery

By | June 4, 2017

Of course, when it comes to slavery, many of the things might seem new to you. Since it is a topic that we do not discuss much, there is so much to learn and know about. Some of the common things that we all know about slavery are that it is an ancient concept and that is diminished and that it killed a lot of people. However, there is plenty more horrendous information that people do not know about. This includes the following information.

It Started During the Middle Ages

Yes, that is how old slavery is. Actually, the word ‘slavery’ itself was created at this time. The term originated from the Slavonic population who lived in Eastern Europe during the middle ages. These individuals are perceived to be one of the oldest slave groups in history.

There is So Much Literature on this Topic

Whether it is ancient or modern, a lot of people were interested in the concept of slavery. The concept was even mentioned in King James’ bible. There are quite a few Shakespearean plays that include plotlines about slaves and their masters. Even today, a lot of researchers and journalists work with this topic. For example, the Jonathan Brown slavery article is one of the best pieces of literature every written about this topic in the recent times.

It is Much Worse Now

As mentioned before, many of us are under the notion that slavery was a thing of the past. However, the slave condition today is much worse than it was before. When you count forced labor and human trafficking, there are more than 30,000 slaves all around the world today. Even though human trafficking was abolished in the year 2015, it still seems to continue illegally.

Furthermore, even though we have an ‘international day for the abolition of slavery’ every year, nothing has changed much. A lot of people are still fighting for their independence and basic human rights as they are oppressed by selfish tyrants. Therefore, it is highly important for us to enlighten ourselves about a concept such as this since it is very much real.